Valerie Tyler Designs - Bohemian Jewelry

Bohemian Jewelry with minimalist and geometric style American Made jewelry by independent designer Valerie Tyler

Valerie was first introduced to the art and craft of jewelry making when she took an elective class in college for fun.  It wasn't until a few years in 2007 later that she decided to pursue her love of design and start her own business.  

She is  been primarily self-taught, spending hours in research reading, exploring and experimenting with metal to develop her techniques to the point at which they are today. Valerie is a full time artist/designer, a nature lover with a bit of wanderlust and love for travel, and most importantly mom and wife.


Artist Statement:
Valerie Tyler jewelry combines bohemian style and geometric forms.
 A few techniques used in creation include fold-forming, forging, riveting, chasing, stamping and oxidation to achieve a rustic, more organic style.  Valerie especially loves distressed metal! Pieces are often textured or slightly sculptural. Uniquely, everything is created by hand using absolutely no power tools whatsoever, from initial drilling and sawing right down to the finishing and buffing. Valerie believes in good old fashioned handmade work ethic and quality workmanship. Materials are primarily sterling silver or brass, with gemstone and gold accents.


Cain Park Arts Festival Judges Selection Award, 2013